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Press cuttings library

Soon after the creation of the Literary Institute and the publication of its first titles, Jerzy Giedroyc began collecting newspaper cuttings and other printed material relating to Kultura and the Kultura milieu. The collection of this material – not solely limited to Polish sources – was meticulously pursued by the Editor himself, who often asked his collaborators throughout the world to send him cuttings with even the slightest references to the Institute. Once a year, the annual yield of printed matter would be despatched to a bookbinder where it would be mounted on card, annotated and bound in volumes. In this manner a unique compendium came into being covering almost the whole span of Giedroyc’s post-war activity. There are 143 volumes containing 23,085 cuttings. The collection begins with an article published on 2 July 1946 in the Dziennik Żołnierza – APW (Soldiers’ Daily of the Polish Army in the East), and ends with a number of pages from the Leksykon kultury polskiej poza krajem od roku 1939 (A Lexicon of Polish Émigré Cultural Life from 1939 Onwards), published in Lublin in 2000.

To view items in the collection first CHOOSE A YEAR. Each cutting is reproduced as a facsimile with an explanatory note in Polish.

The contents of volumes 1946-1970 are available. The remaining part of the collection is currently being annotated and digitized and will appear on this website in due course.