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Jerzy Giedroyc about himself

"There is an opinion abroad that I am a despot and that the “Kultura team” never existed unless one accepts that the team always comprised only one individual, that is, me. On the contrary – I am open to criticism and suggestions, and I often happen to change my mind after discussions with others. As for the “Kultura” team, it most definitely existed and continues to exist. I value and take on board the opinions of its members. (...) If I have a talent, it is that of a regisseur: with the ability of matching the right subjects to the right people. This engenders within me an attitude of teamwork, and also means that if I am suitably convinced, I change my mind. Stefan Kisielewski criticises me for, as he says, making 180 degree turns. I change my tactics because politics is not a sacrament; to engage in politics you have to adhere to reality, which constantly changes. One has to know how to retain one’s principles while adapting one’s views. (...) I place a high premium on loyalty. And thus any allegations of disloyalty, or even suspicions of disloyalty, weigh most heavily on me."

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