Opening of the exhibition "Jerzy Giedroyc and His Achievement". November 24, 2014. National Library in Warsaw. / Sygn. sm00090


The exhibition presents over half a century of the Literary Institute's activity, profiles of its authors and publishing achievements (extensive information on the achievements of "Kulturaparyska": www.kulturaparyska.com). The exhibition consists of 26 boards that are easy to assemble and transport in two boxes. There are also printed catalogs and posters. There are four language versions of the exhibition "Jerzy Giedroyc and his work": Polish, French, English and Ukrainian.

Box dimensions in cm: 112⨉78⨉43 and 154⨉107⨉23
The format of each board: 100⨉210 cm
Installation of the exhibition: vertically mounted in sets of at least 3 pieces, using hinges-clamps, to be arranged in any zigzag (sketch in the appendix

Electronic materials (we send them on request):
• exhibition boards
• catalogue
• assembly sketch
• posters

As part of the accompanying events, we offer:
• presentation of the Kultaparyska.com portal (prepared by us)
• films - you can find them at: www.kulturaparyska.com (DVD copy accessible on demand)

Exhibition owner: The Association Kultura Literary Institute and Fundacja Kultury Paryskiej represented by Anna Bernhardt

e-mail: kultura@kultura.fr
Exhibition curator: Małgorzata Ptasińska
Graphic design: Marek Zalejski

__Plik do pobrania: Exposition_FR

__Plik do pobrania: Catolog_ENG

__Plik do pobrania: Montage/ Installation Guide / Instrukcja montażu

__Plik do pobrania: Affiche_FR

__Plik do pobrania: Catalogue_FR

__Plik do pobrania: Poster_ENG

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