Zdjęcie Juliusza Mieroszewskiego na biurku Redaktora. / Sygn. AG_7333 / fot. Adam Golec


Death of Juliusz Mieroszewski, who with Jerzy Giedroyc created and developed Kultura’s political standpoint. His funeral is attended by Jerzy Giedroyc and only a handful of people.
Amendments are tabled to the constitution of the Polish People’s Republic, causing intellectuals and the church hierarchy to protest. Announcement of price rises sparks demonstrations at Radom and Ursus. The Workers’ Self-Defence Committee (KOR) comes into being. Further protests against changes to Poland’s constitution.
In response to events in Poland, Kultura publishes a list of KOR members, and starts publishing documents brought out by the opposition. The Institute launches an appeal for funds to help the opposition in Poland.
End of civil war in Lebanon. Israeli commandos free 103 hostages held by Palestinian hijackers at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computer, which will become Apple Inc.


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