Józef Czapski, Szkice z New Jorku (1/4). Rysunek - "Kultura" nr 4/30, 1950 r. s. 78 / Sygn. sm00254 / © Instytut Literacki


Juliusz Mieroszewski becomes Kultura’s London correspondent. Konstanty A. Jeleński begins his association with the Institute.
Wholesale confiscation of Church property. The Soviet-licensed Warszawa family car enters production. Kulturaisbanned from circulation – the journal is judged “émigré white-guard rottenness, a fascist-Catholic enterprise” by Józef Cyrankiewicz in Trybuna Ludu (People’s Tribune); “the product of émigré traitors Czapski and Giedroyc” by Marian Podkowiński in Nowa Kultura (New Culture).
The Schuman Declaration prepares the ground for the future European Union. Start of the Korean War. Death of George Orwell. China invades Tibet. Joseph McCarthy initiates “anti-red” witch-hunts in the USA. The Kingdom of Jordan is created. First Xerox machine is produced.