The house of "Kultura" from the south. Maisons-Laffitte, 1955. / Sygn. FIL00057 / © Instytut Literacki


Copies of Miłosz’s Zdobycie władzy (The Seizure of Power) smuggled into Poland disguised as a fictitious book – Wyzwolenie (Liberation) by Zygmunt Kornaga, published by the Wanda Wasilewska Association of the Builders of People’s Poland, Paris Section.
Official opening of Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Fifth World Festival of Youth and Students in Warsaw.
Soviet occupation of Austria ends. The Warsaw Pact is formed. USSR tests hydrogen bomb. USSR establishes diplomatic relations with West Germany. Tito and Khrushchev sign agreement normalizing relations between their countries. Juan Peron is removed from power in Argentina. Death of Albert Einstein..


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