Zygmunt Hertz w jardin d'hiver domu Instytutu Literackiego. Maisons-Laffitte, 1956 r. / Sygn. FIL06002 / © Instytut Literacki


Giedroyc publishes Khrushchev’s report  “On the Cult of Personality and its Consequences”. He wishes to make the most of the Polish so-called October Thaw, but in his enthusiasm for the purported changes in Poland he finds himself in a distinct minority. Kultura publishes its 100th issue.
The Polish October. Railwaymen’s strikes and demonstrations lead to violent fighting with militia units on the streets of Poznań. Gomułka becomes first secretary. Cardinal Wyszyński is set free.
Soviet forces intervene in the Hungarian Revolution. President Nasser of Egypt seizes the Suez Canal, leading to an Anglo-French invasion and the Suez Crisis.
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