Kot Minus i pies Black I na trawniku w ogrodzie przy domu Kultury. / Sygn. FIL05529 / © Instytut Literacki


Issue no. 280/281 of Kultura leads with an editorial entitled “The Polish December”, analysing the 1970 events on the Baltic coast, and positing the necessity of co-operation between intelligentsia and workers in the fight against communism. The second Russian-language issue of Kultura is published. The Institute’s publications include Cienie w pieczarze (Shadows in the Cavern) by T. Staliński (Stefan Kisielewski), Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Drogi wyjścia (Ways Out) by W. Bieńkowski, Od Berdyczowa do Rzymu (From Berdyczów to Rome) by Paweł Hostowiec (Jerzy Stempowski), and Satyra podziemna (An Underground Satire) by Janusz Szpotański.
Sentences are handed down for smuggling Kultura into Poland on Laco Mravec, Agnieszka Holland and Helena Stachová. Trial of members of the dissident Ruch organization.
|The Soviet regime decides to obliterate the Cemetery of the Lwów Eaglets, the 1918 defenders of that city (now Lviv, Ukraine). Erich Honecker takes over leadership of East Germany. Switzerland gives women the vote in federal elections. US ping-pong team visit China. The first single-chip microprocessor is released by the Intel Corporation. 
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